T-N-S Creations Terms Of Use

Terms of Use
Hi Everyone !!!
Sassy and I would like to thank you for reading our Terms Of Use
These things are very imporotant to us
And we feel like were not asking to much
so please take a moment and get aquainted with our Terms of Use
and were always happy to answer any questions you may have

*Term Of Use*

These are just a few simple Terms for using any of the graphics on this site

1) These graphics are linkware
So please do the right thing and take a logo and link it back to us
This means on the same page as the graphics is on

2)Please Do Not Alter our graphics in any way
If you would like text added or the image resized
Feel Free to E-Mail us and we will see what we can do for you
Now in some cases we do offer graphics where you
may add your own text
for example quilt squares, calling cards, pageset buttons
In this case the text rule does not apply

3)You are free to use our graphics on your personal sites only
If you have a commercial site and would like to use something
Please contact us first

4) You May Not !!
take any of our graphics and claim them as your own
This includes offering for sale in any collection

5) Our graphics are for family freindly sites only
This means no porno , profanity , or links to such things

6) Finally , and probably one of the most important
Please right click and save the graphics you want to your own server

*See now that wasn't so bad*
Thanks so much for listening
And we hope you have a great time looking around

Tams & Sassy

This site created was created by T-N-S Country Web Creations
and is the of the owners Sassy & Tams

Tubes Used from LJG Design & Pink Background from Graphics 4 You