When two people are in love
It is a wonderful thing
Once you've cared for someone so deeply
Your life will never be the same

But don't be in a hurry to find it
No matter how old you are
Because to find love to fast
Can lead to a broken heart

You wont to know that the one you love
Will always be by your side
Through all the good days and all the bad
They wont need to run and hide

The right person will always know
When you have had a rough day
They will put their arms around you
And help make it ok

You will look up at the stars together
And treasure such a beautiful sight
As you are walking hand in hand
On a beautiful summer's night

And as winter arrives they'll keep you warm
No matter how cold you get
You will burn with a passion for each other
The kind of passion that you will never forget

No one knows where he or she will find love
It is just something that happens one day
But once you find it
It never goes away

To sum up this story
Which you know is true
Somewhere out there your special love
Is waiting just for you.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie




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